3D printing, Electrical engineering and Mechanical engineering helped our company to create very important device for the fishermen. Development of 2022.

Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering and 3D printing play distinctive role in life of people. Our company managed to develop a fishing lure that will provide the easiest way to catch fish.


The “Cicada” lure is specifically designed to catch predatory fish in various fishing environments.

The device is equipped with two buttons on both sides. One button turns on the device, while the other selects the speed mode of the wings. Once activated, the lure creates vibrations that imitate a fallen insect, making it an effective bait for catching fish. The device can be charged using a Type-C connector and has a battery life of up to 60 minutes.
The mechanical engineering includes:

  • The device body
  • two triple hooks
  • 30cm steel leash
  • two silicone buttons
  • silicone plug
  • two wing blades
  • two gears
  • two plastic carabiners
  • blade shaft.

The Electrical engineering includes:

  • PCB control board
  • 816 Coreless DC 3-3.7V mini 8*16 mm motor
  • 3.7V 500mA Li-ion battery
  • two control buttons
  • Type-c socket.

Our mechanical engineer used SolidWorks to design the model and molds, while our electronic engineer used the Altium Design program to create the printed circuit board in the JLCPSB standard. The firmware was written using the C++ programming language in the Visual Studio program.

In result of using 3D printing and electrical engineering the irreplaceable device for fishermen was developed.

Click here to watch how the device operates:


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