3D printing and mechanical engineering helped our company to create a specific device that will make the driver’s life easier. The development was completed in 2022.

By using 3D printing and mechanical engineering, we have designed a device for holding a Powerbank.


The device was specifically created to allow for convenient positioning of the Powerbank within the driver’s reach. Apple’s Powerbank can be inserted inside the device, and the phone can be fixed on the Powerbank using magnetic wireless charging.
The device secures the Powerbank from three sides, and thanks to its cast shape and sides in front, the risk of the gadget falling out is eliminated. The device is designed to be installed on car air ducts.

The mechanical engineernig includes:

  • main compartment (the powerbank holder itself)
  • ball with a twist (for convenient positioning)
  • clamping mechanism
  • springs and bolts

The device was designed by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program. The device was printed on a 3D printer.

As a result, mechanical engineering and 3D printing have enabled our company to create a device that significantly increases the convenience of driving.

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