With help of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and 3D printing was created device for rehabilitation of post-stroke patients who lost fingers control. The development of 2022.

Mechanical engineering and electrical engineering always help people to create important things. Sometimes after a stroke, people cannot move their fingers, so they need a device that will help them to move their fingers. This project was made especially for the rehabilitation of patients who suffered a stroke or have fingers movement problems. The device allows you to move the patient’s fingers by pressing buttons.


The basic principle of the device:
The device is operated using the buttons located on the remote control. The remote control has five buttons, each controlling only one finger. Also, there is a monitor on the control panel where, in manual mode, you can set the angle of inclination of each finger, as well as the speed of its bending.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  •  an exoskeleton attached to the patient’s arm
  •  ten syringes that are connected to each other in such a way as to perform the function of hydraulic pumps connected to each other with hoses.

The electrical engineering includes:

  • Five stepper motors NEMA 17
  • Arduino mega 2560
  • Engine drivers A4988
  • LCD-2004-i2c
  • Incoder KY-040.

The 3D modeling was done by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program. We used the Visual Studio program to write the code, which was written in the C++ programming language.

The body of the exoskeleton was printed in our laboratory on a 3D printer with ABS plastic, and the small finger holders were printed with SLA resin on a Photon printer. Syringe holders, mechanical elements of motors, electronics housing were also printed with ABS plastic in our laboratory on a 3D printer.

In result with help of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and 3D printing we go in future and this device will be demanded by people who lost fingers control.

Click Here to watch how this device operates.



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