A water simulator device which installs in the park for dog training. Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and 3D printing were used. The development of 2022.

With help of electrical engineering and 3D printing our company managed to create the device that will help dog lovers train their pets.

This simulator promotes the development of endurance and patience in dogs, and it also helps to teach the pet to concentrate.

The simulator is activated using buttons located on the device. The device has eight solenoids that turn on or off depending on the selected mode. The pumps, which are located on the dog training platform, are connected to the solenoids.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • Device body

The electrical engineering includes:

  • Relay module
  • Arduino Nano control unit
  • Five control buttons
  • Wafer switch
  • PIR sensor.

The device was developed using 3D modeling in the SolidWorks program. The firmware was written in the Visual Studio program using the C++ programming language, and then the electronic part was assembled on a breadboard and checked by our engineer.

The device body was designed in SolidWorks program and printed in our laboratory using 3D printer with ABS plastic.

Here you can see this device:



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