Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering are a key factor to create a sensor that will provide safe workouts. Developing of 2022.

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering are crusial part of our life. They helped our company to create a Flex sensor.


This is a wearable belt that gives instant information about the condition of your back during workout.
This sensor installs in special elastic belt.

There are two compartments in the belt. The first one is for a flexible sensor, which, by bending, sends a signal to the control unit about the position of the back. The second compartment is for the control unit.

This device works with a mobile application. The phone communicates with the control unit using Bluetooth. From the application, you can track the correct position of the back. It provides you with information about your back during workout and even if you just sit in office. Also, you can set the level of bending, and set up the angle upon reaching which you will get a notification on your smartphone.

A vibration motor is installed in the control unit, which vibrates at the moment when the back in wrong position.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • elastic belt
  • control unit housing

The electrical engineering includes:

  •  flex sensor 4.5
  • printed circuit board with MK ESP32
  • Li-ion 3.7V.

The model was developed by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program and printed in our laboratory on an ANYCUBIC PHOTON SLA 3D printer with resin.. The PCB design was designed by our Electronic Engineer in the Altium Design program. The board was developed in the JLCPSB standard. The firmware was written in  the Visual Studio program using C++ programming language

In result of using 3D printing, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering the device that will provide safe workout was developed.

Click here to watch how the device operates:



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