Mechanical device for folding clothes made using mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The development of 2022

Our company has developed a mechanical device for folding clothes using mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and 3D printing.

The process includes installing the clothing item on the table and then pressing the start button. If your hands are busy, you can press the pedal installed under the table. Pressing the button or the pedal starts the folding clothes operation, which includes four or five actions depending on how the operation was started. At the end of the process, the clothes are folded into a box under the table.

The mechanical engineering includes

  • Countertop
  • Acrylic plates
  • Mechanical fasteners and servomotors which drive acrylic plates and Nickel-plated legs.

It is also possible to fold the table-leg for more convenient transportation of device.

The electrical engineering includes:

  • 5 MG995 servomotors
  • Electronic lock with a supply voltage of 12V
  • Arduino Nano 328 controller
  • Button
  • Plug
  • 2V 7A power supply
  • FS-1 pedal.

This device was developed by our 3D designer in the SolidWorks program. Drawings for laser cutting of acrylic plates were also prepared in this program. The electronic circuit was developed by an electronic engineer, and the firmware was written via the Visual Studio program using the C++ programming language.

The tabletop was cut using a laser. Fasteners for most of the acrylic plates were printed on our 3D printer with ABS plastic, and all of these were assembled and tested by our mechanical engineer.

In result using mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and 3D printing the device that can be used in closest future as indispensable assistant was made.

Here you can watch how this device operates and here you can watch how to transport these device.


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