Mechanical engineering, 3D printing and electrical engineering gave our company an capability to make 3D printer with 1 nozzie.

In today’s society, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, prototyping, and 3D printing play a crucial role. Our company made a decision to construct its own 3D printer, which is indispensable for the work of every developer.


The primary goal of building the 3D printer was to cater to our company’s specific needs. The significant amount of time and effort required to create the final prototype. The final sample is still operational and continues to provide benefits for our company.

The printer’s working principle is straightforward: it uses computer-aided design software to produce three-dimensional objects by layering materials. This process, also known as additive manufacturing, involves layering various materials, such as plastics, composites, or bio-materials, to create objects of different shapes, sizes, rigidities, and colors.

Mechanical engineering inludes:

  • Machine profile 20X20 mm
  • Set of shafts 8mm (Х4)
  • Module with linear bearing (Х4)
  • Set of trapezoidal lead screws (Х2)
  • Joint coupling (Х2)
  • Pulley GT-2 (Х2)
  • Springs (size 15X5) (Х4)
  • Plastic feeding mechanism (MK9 extruder)
  • Set of table clips
  • Gear BELT (GT-2) (1 meter)
  • Linear bearing

Electrical engingeering includes:

  • Nema 17 (X3) Stepper motors
  • RAMPS Shield control board
  • Heating table 330X330
  • 12V power supply
  • Hotend V6
  • Sensors LJ12A3 (X3)
  • Display RepRapDiscount

The prototype of the 3D printer was designed in Solidworks programm by our 3D designer.
This printer uses ABS plastic and it uses only 1 nozzie 0.2-1.2.

In result, using 3D printing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering our team managed to make the device that can essentialy ease the work of our team.

Click here to watch the device in action:



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