Mechanical engineering, 3D printing were used in order to model the frame for flying car. Project of 2023.

3D priting and Mechanical engineering play key role in life of people. Very soon flying car will become a very popular product on the market in the future, because very soon cities will be overloaded with cars, and people will need an alternative way of transportation.


Our team has modeled the frame according to the jetson one type, but using our own technology.
The prototype will be able to spend approximately 15-20 minutes in the air without additional charge.
The weight of the prototype is estimated to be 85 kilograms. The length and width of the prototype will be: 220 centimeters. The height will be: 96.3 centimeters. The pilot’s seat will be located exactly in the center of gravity of this aircraft, which will give him the opportunity to get everything possible from this machine.

Mechanical engineering will include:
– hard bending metal, which will be bent during production and subsequently subjected to the welding process.
– bolts
– riveting

Electrical engineering will include:
– 4 engines
– control panel
– wiring

The model of this device was ordered by one of our clients and it was created by our 3D designer in the SolidWorks program.

In result of 3D printing, mechanical engineering, and skills such as 3D modeling, product development, and mechanical design, our company has successfully created a highly important device that will become very soon an irreplaceble device.

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