Mechanical engineering and 3D modeling was used to design the prototype of factory that process different types of plastic. Project of 2023.

Mechanical engineering and 3D printing play distinctive role in our life. The factory that recycles different types of plastic was ordered by one of our customers.

Our team has designed the 3D model of this project in SolidWorks program. During this project our team has made a lot of calculatios.

The metal structure consists of beams 100×100 mm, connecting plates with a thickness of 8 mm, a sheet metal base and a lid.

The entire structure (except the lid) is made of S235JR grade structural steel. The lid will be made of aluminum with a thickness of 10 mm.

All the necessary mounting holes on the beams and in the metal sheets are made with laser machine according to DFX files and drawings.

The bolts connecting the entire structure have a strength class of 8.8, and the bolts connecting the frame and base are 12.9 for a stronger connection. Bolts of various were used. Sizes varied from 6 to M16.
The joints between the beams and fasteners are made from the 40x40x4mm profile – S235JR steel.

In result of using mechanical engineering and 3D modeling our team managed to design the preliminary plan of future plantan and then build the plant itself according to this design.

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