Software development and programming helped GEC company to create artificial neural network. Development of 2023.

Programming and software development play crusial role in the life of the people, made its best in order to make artificial neural network.

This software was made as part of the plastic recycling smart shredder. The way it’s supposed to work within the whole system was that you show to the shredder a plastic, that contains a specific recycling symbol (all recyclable products have that in modern day).

The device runs a program that utilises a prepared convolutional neural network (CNN) trained with “Faster Objects, More Objects” (FOMO) machine learning algorithm. The CNN itself runs on the OpenMV module and seeks numbers in the image, as they specify what type of plastic is the presented product made of. The CNN trained with FOMO is used only with purpose of recognition of the recycling symbol within the image.

In result of software development and programming our team has manged to create artificial neural network.

Click here to watch the network in action:






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