Using 3D printing, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering the device for transfering animations was created. The development of 2022.

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing play a very important role in people’s lives.


The Matrix 64*64 pixels 1.0 device was designed to display short video images and GIF animations from a phone or computer picture animation.

This device allows users to select any animation from a library and transfer it to the screen with just a few actions. Users can also create their own pixel animation using drawing tools on the device or import an existing image/GIF.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • a matrix housing
  • stand

The Electrical engineering includes:

  • Matrix 64*64 pixels v1.0
  • PCB board with MK ESP32

This device was developed by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program and printed in our laboratory using a 3D printer with ABS plastic. The PCB design was created by our electronic engineer in the Altium Design program, and the board was developed to the JLCPSB standard. The firmware was written in the Visual Studio program using the C++ programming language.

In result, using 3D printing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering the device that can help some people in their activities was made. This device can also endow you an enormous entertainment.

Click here to watch how the device operates:



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