Using electrical engineering and 3D printing the kitchen sensor for temperatire measure was made. Development of 2022.

Modern technologies go further and with help of 3D printing and electrical engineering our company has made a measuring sensor for the grill.

This sensor is designed to control grill temperature.

It measures the temperature on a preset scale and controls the entire process. When the upper or lower limit is reached, an audible warning signal is sounded to inform the user.

The electronical engineering includes:

  • MK Arduino Nano
  • LCD display SSD1306
  • Encoder for input
  • temperature sensor Maverick-ET-73.

The firmware was written using the C++ programming language in the Visual Studio program. The electronic components were assembled on a breadboard and tested by our engineers.

In result of using 3D printing and electrical engineering the sensor that will be usefull on the kitchen during cooking was developed.

Click here to watch how the device operates:



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