Using mechanical engineering, 3D printing and electrical engineering the Joystick for people with disabilities was manufactured. Development of 2022.

During the development of this product, 3D printing, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering were used. Our company decided to create a specific joystick for people with disabilities so that they could use a computer easily.

The device performs the same functions as a mouse, but instead of an optical sensor, the joystick uses a gyroscope to move along the X-Y axis.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • base
  • joystick handle.

The electrical engineering includes:

  • Arduino Nano MC
  • joystick HW-504
  • Type-c power connector

The gyroscope in the joystick can be turned on or off by the user as per their convenience.

The 3D modeling was done by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program. The code was written using the Visual Studio program and the C++ programming language.

The joystick body was printed in our laboratory on a 3D printer with ABS plastic

In result, with help of mechanical engineering, 3d printing and electrical engineering we have managed to create device that will make life of some people easier.

Click here to watch how the device operates:


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