With help of 3D printing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering the smart button was made. The development of 2022.

Using 3D printing, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering, the Smart Device Switch-A-Bot was created.

This device is made to turn on or off different switches through sound.

Switch-A-Bot can be installed on different devices to control them. The device has several button types, including pressing and touch displays. The device is activated by sound, and the sensitivity of the sound level adjusts according to the task.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • the device body
  • replaceable nozzles

The electrical engineering includes:

  • PSB board with MK Attiny 25
  • 3.7V Li-ion battery
  • Micro Servo MG90S

The 3D modeling was done by our mechanical engineer using the SolidWorks program. The PCB design was created by our electronic engineer using the Altium Design program. The board was developed in the JLCPCB standard, and the firmware was written in the Visual Studio program using the C++ programming language.

The device was developed by our mechanical engineer using the SolidWorks program and printed in our laboratory on an ANYCUBIC PHOTON SLA 3D printer with resin.

In result with help of 3d printing, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering our company has made the device which will comfort people’s life in future.

Click here to watch how the device operates:


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