With help of electrical engineering, 3D printing and mechanical engineering our team has developed medical syringe dispenser. The development of 2022.

Electrical engineering, 3D printing and mechanical engineering play very important role in people’s life. Our team managed to make syringe dispenser.


This medical device was designed for long-term and accurate injection of various medical substances. Syringe dispensers, also known as syringe pumps, have become widespread due to their capabilities. They are commonly used for intravenous injections but can also be used for subcutaneous or arterial injections. This device is essential for administering medicine in small doses over a long period.

The syringe dispenser ensures that patients receive the necessary dose of medicine without the risk of overdose. The device provides accuratecontrol over the administration of drugs, and modern versions can adjust the infusion rate for more effective treatment. The compact size of the syringe pump makes it convenient and easy to use, and it allows for precise dosage administration.

Mechanical engineering includes:

  • body
  • all fasteners (fastener of dispenser, fastener of motor, and front panel printed with ABS plastic)
  • oneshaft
  • 2 sliding bearings with a diameter of 8mm
  • 8mm stud
  • compensating coupling

Electrical engineering includes:

  • Nemo 17 motor
  • Arduino Mega
  • 220V connector
  • power block 12V 6A
  • 7 in. sensor display
  • durable button with backlight and locking

The model was designed by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program and printed on our 3D printer with ABS plastic. The firmware was written in the Visual Studio program using C++ programming language.

In result of using electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing our team has managed to make the syringe dispenser that will be pretty cheap in manfacturing and will be very required in medicine.

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