With help of mechanical engineering, 3D printing and electrical engineering the LED globe was made. Development of 2022.

Mechanical engineering, 3D printing, and electrical engineering have played a vital role in our lives, and with their help, our company has developed an LED globe.


This device was designed as a night light with a color-changing function. You can also use the color overflow mode or one-color night mode. The lamp’s operating mode is indicated via the MQTT server. You can control the colors, the speed of the overflow, and the brightness of the LED. You can perform these operations in real-time or set a command for a certain time.

The mechanical engineering includes:

  • base and a round
  • white bulb

The electical engineering includes:

  • MK ESP32
  • RGB LED strip WS285B
  • power plug

The model was designed by our mechanical engineer in the SolidWorks program and printed on our 3D printer with ABS plastic. The firmware was written in the Visual Studio program using C++ programming language.

As a result of using mechanical engineering, 3D printing, and electrical engineering, our company has created a device that adds color to your life and brings positive emotions.

Click here to watch how this device operates:


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