With help of mechanical engineering, 3D printing, electrical engineering, our company has made own CNC Milling Machine. The development of 2022.

Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and 3D printing play a significant role in our lives. With their help, we have managed to create a device that makes work easier for specialists.

We use a CNC milling machine for processing materials for various purposes using a metal cutter with one or more cutting edges or a laser. The operation is simple: turn on the device and use a PC to set the task.

Mechanical engineering includes the following components:

  • 20mm aluminum profile body
  • 8mm linear guide shafts
  • 8mm studs
  • linear bearings for 8mm shafts
  • frame and motor mounting made of ABS plastic
  • SK8 shaft holder (stand)

Electrical engineering includes the following components:

  • 3x Nemo 17 motors
  • high-speed spindle type motor
  • Arduino nano breadboard
  • A4988 drivers
  • Power Control Unit

Our mechanical engineer developed the device’s model in the SolidWorks program, and we performed a CFD analysis of its operation. The firmware design was written in the Visual Studio program using the C++ programming language.

In conclusion, the integration of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and 3D printing has enabled our company to create a device that makes specialists’ work easier.

Here you can watch how this device operates:


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